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Oh. my. goodness. This is amazing, Debbie!! WOW....just wow! :)

Claire Brennan

Stunning...like very little thing you do!! :)

Claire Brennan

lol, sorry 'every'....can't spell tonight...

Dina K

Wow, that is gorgeous even down to the stain in the cup! You do beautiful work! :)


Debbie!!!! I love it! The image is GORGEOUS... I can't wait to join you on your art journey my friend!

Pumpkin Pie Painter

Oh, yay!! I'm glad you started this site. I love your artwork and will enjoy seeing what you do! :) Love this sketch!!

Michelle R

Good grief, Debbie...this is awesome!

jennifer dove

This is FAB! I am going to LOVE watching your creations!


wow... you have me speechless. Pure Talent!!!

Rebecca Ednie

I really think that your papercraft readers would have loved to see these posts right in among the rest if your work! But it will be easier for you to track your progress with it all in one place. I love the style you chose for this illustration. I sure wish I could draw like that!

Cindy H.

Oh, Debbie, this is just awesome!! I shall enjoy this blog just as much as your other blog:) I think your blog banner is fabulous, too. Love your sketch and I'm awed at how real that cookie looks, such texture and dimension - yummm!! Good luck on your new venture and thanks ever so much for sharing it with us :)

Jane Towse

Hi Debbie
I have been watching your blog from across the pond and am constantly blown away by your projects, your colouring is perfection. I look forward to seeing your adventures on 'Sketches in Time' and have book marked you in my favourites.
Good Luck

Shelly Koskinen

Wow! This is amazing. I love your artwork!!

Troy Louise

Wow, that sketch is amazing. I knew you were super artistic & this is a great new way to showcase more of your talents! Thanks so much.

Kathy Racoosin

Love this sketch and your coloring. This just might get us all in touch with another side of our brains. Rather my brain. Thanks for always being a constant source of inspiration. Do you need any new PB stamps for inspiration? So excited to see your new blog develop. Hugs,Kathy


i really love this drawing - and very happy you started this blog. i draw as well and enjoy seeing others work. keep'em comin


I love this new blog. I follow your other blog daily. I love coloring with copics, but sometimes don't feel confident in the finished product. Just got an air compressor and playing with that also. Looking forward to some inspiring projects.


I am so excited to see the concept for this new blog... I have already learned so much about my Copics from you - particularly to utilize my art background when colouring with them... and yet it never occured to me that I should create an original sketch and colour that!! Your coffee sketch turned out awesome, I love the illustrative approach - afterall, I am assuming Copic's roots are in illustration, right? Just a guess! I will be visiting often!

gaby sayer

Wow, amazing coloring, Debbie! Now I have another blog to get inspired! Thank you!

Deb Zachrich

What a great idea! I've been getting back to drawing/sketching a bit--not nearly like I used to years ago, but hopefully a tad bit better than back then. Your card creations have always inspired me--now your creative sketching journey will, too!

Lori Barnett

Amazing Debbie! I want to show my hubby...but he will push me(once again) into drawing my own images! He is constantly saying "why do you buy stamps...draw your own!" lol! Looks like fun...and I can't wait to see more of your drawings :)

sharon wheet

Hi Debbie~
I just had to stop by and see what sketch in time was all about. Glad I stopped in. YOur coloring is amazing!

Sarah Martina

What a treasure chest of talent you have in your precious hands, miss Debbie! Thank you for sharing with us... what a treat! :)

Tasha Space

Hi- I found your blog because I saw the coffee cup sketch when googling "copic and food"

This is definitely my favorite of everything you have posted here. If you will be doing any webinars or teaching in NYC let me know. I am looking to take some classes using copic markers for coloring sketches in the style you have here.

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