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Donna Polley

You are one talented lady. Love your drawing style the shading and highlights are fantastic. It reminds me of art class and all the fun times just drawing and painting.
As my Mom tells me seasons of life some day you will have time again to do those things and you will miss all of the business you have in your life now.
Have a great day.


I've added your new blog to my Google Reader list. I'm just a wannabee when it comes to Copic markers right now, but I really enjoy your blog and I'm looking forward to following your new blog, too! TFS your creativity! ;-)

Debbie B

Wow, you are very talented in many ways! I will be following both blogs. Thanks for the heads up.


I am blown away by your talent, Debbie. Thank you for sharing with us who are not quite up as far as you on the creativity chain of life.


Your sketch is wonderful. If there was a stamp of it I would buy it in an instant. I will definitely be checking on your new blog to see what inspires you. You surely do inspire me!

Lori Barnett

You GO GIRL!!!

Monica L

It was a great thrill to meet you at CHA last July! As I shared with you then, and will share with your followers here, my sister and fellow blogger are constantly saying how we hate Debbie Olson (which is code for "jealous of your talent).

I so look forward to you new blog. I can only hope to learn a technique or two and find inspiration from what you share.

Thanks for both of your blogs...



Well to reiterate all of the previous comments....I adore your work and you have talent oozing from your pores. And I am jealous also...but congrats on starting a new blog and thanks for all you share with us wannabes. Looking forward to reading and seeing all of work. Thanks

Lynn in FL

Hi Debbie-

I too am excited about your new blog! I dove into the Copics world about six months ago, and am slowly growing my collection, as well as my am looking forward to learning more from the master! I love your work, and hope someday to achieve Copic certification...hope to see more info about that process. Thanks for sharing your enormous talent!


I am a NEWBIE to coloring with Copics...have FAR FAR FAR to go, but my desire is great and I LOVE reading and looking at your much inspiration! THANK YOU for getting this section of your talent off the ground...I'll be a regular! Soaking it all in!! Blessings!

diane mcvey

As one of your biggest fans, I was delighted to see this link on your post today!!! Those lilies are gorgeous, and your talents amaze me. I hope to someday have a tiny 1% of your abilities to color! Your work is incredible. I literally sigh and marvel at the beauty on the page before me!
Have a great Mother's Day. You are a very special woman! :D

Tammie Koehnen

Oh Debbie this is just WONDERFUL! I am so excited for you and your new blog. I have LOVED your stamping/papercrafting blog, and you are such an inspiration. Hoping someday to make it to one of your copic certification classes in Minneapolis (I live two hours from there out in the country). I just purchased my first set of markers in January, and want to learn everything about them. Thank you for sharing your talents and your time with us. :)

Marcia Truslow

Just found this new blog of yours today, 5/21, and am so thrilled to do so! I love your Copic coloring and am happy that this is a blog that has more time taken to explain the whats and whys of drawing and coloring. My cup of tea! (or coffee - which is better!) Thanks so much!

Beckie Carlson

are you kidding me with this? did you get ALL the creativity? I must have gotten in the wrong line....dang!Such beautiful work! You constantly amaze me!!!


Oh my goodness! Debbie, your talents go on and on! I'm in awe!


I am not real fantastic with English but I line up this real easy to read.

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