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Miriam Napier

I'm so glad you started this blog! Your sketches are amazing and I have learned so much about using Copics from you. I'm pretty sure that flower is a hydrangea though, not a hyacinth.

Debbie Olson

Arrrrggghh! Miriam, you are right--call it brain fade on my part! My eleven year old is the botanist. I just color. . . ;-) I changed it. Thanks!!


I don't even own a sketchbook, I leave that to my husband! But I derive a lot of pleasure from seeing your sketches, this is so pretty and I look forward ot the next installment.

Kathy Racoosin

YOU are soooooooooooooo AMAZING AND so inspiring. My head spins all week until your next post. Thank YOU :)

Alice W.

your works are amazing, Debbie! ahhhh... only if i could actually draw!! but you really made me want to get a sketch book and at least try! thanks for sharing!


Loved reading all of the info. I just purchased some of the Copic paper and some of Ellen Hutson's white cardstock to try. Fun comparing. Your hydrangea is gorgeous. Love that flower.

Nancy Jensen

What amazing sketches! It's been many years since I tried to sketch anything... if I could sketch as well as you, I would probably take it up again! ;)

Your new blog is very inspirational. I look forward to going on this road with you. I enjoy learning more about copics too. I love working with them.

Dawn Burnworth

These are incredible. Your coloring on the apples is perfect. Great job.

Linda E

Gorgeous, Debbie!! I love hydrangeas!! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent and caring spirit.

Debbie Fisher

you are an amazing artist! I could see those images on greeting cards!


Oh, Debbie, this is fabulous...and so helpful! Now, have you ever thought about designing some stamps (perhaps digi stamps) with your artwork? Fabulous! I always learn so much from your coloring! Thanks!!

Rebecca Ednie

Wow, your coloring looks so real! Amazing. I'm so glad you are showcasing your sketches for us all to see!

Sharon Harnist

Amazing, girlfriend!

Christy Farneth-Ker

Debbie this is amazing:) another blog to inspire me:)


i just love this. you are very inspiring and you make me think i need to get myself a sketchbook and so that i can just try. try to see if i can draw something that looks like the something it is supposed to be. i love that you sketched in a hotel lobby. love it.

Barbara L. Carson

Just beautiful. Love how you do it. Thanks for letting us know.

Cindy H.

Wow, Debbie, I am so inspired by you, your sketches, your painting and this blog. Your sketches and painting are awesome!! You really did some indepth comparisons and I love how you not only show the examples but explain the results of what you found during the process.

After I was through reading and studying this entry in your journey, I went and got my little sketch book that I started so many years ago. At that time, my interests were in colored pencils. And, while I'm still interested in my pencils, I now love my Copics, too:) I go back and forth between the two, depending on the paper I'm using to color a rubberstamp image. My sketches are all colored with pencils but maybe I'll go out and buy a book for Copics, too:)

I learn so much from you and I look forward to the next chapter of your journey.

Pati Olson

I love to see demo's like this. It is so helpful. The more you see, the more your brain recalls all the little details you need when drawing or painting your own designs.


Thanks for the in depth discussion on paper. When I read your text and look at your artwork it is as though you are right here showing me exactly what to do. You are one talented lady. Enjoy your trip to Minneapolis.

Kimberli Sarsfield

Absolutely amazing, Debbie! You are quite an artist and a great teacher. I really appreciate how you walk us through your whole process. Yours was the 1st blog I found to show me how much I needed Copics. Thank you for that!

Joan B

oh my
words fail.


Marcie  Smith

Debbie, I am so envious of those of you that can actually draw. I am just not that artistic no matter how hard I try. However, I can paint or color images just fine as long as I have a picture in front of me. My brain just doesn't function like yours. I wish it did thou.

Jessica Canham

Oh my gosh, Debbie, you are so talented! I love your hydrangeas and the apples look so real. Thanks for the inspiration!

Louise Fox

Debbie, I learned a lot reading your post. Thanks so much for such a beautiful lesson! Blessings.


WOW!!! Jaw dropping gorgeous!!! When are you going to turn your stunning sketches into STAMPS?!!! :) :) :)

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