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 Jary Riolo

This sketchbook blog has inspired me to get my copics out and work with them more. wish we had a copic class offered near us - I'd love to get the personal inspiration and help from all of you talented ladies!!

Debbie Olson

Hi, Susan,

While I totally appreciate the sentiment, I am not even considering going into the stamp making business; there are *so many* fabulous images and companies out there already. I think I'll stick to sketching and coloring. :-} Thank you though!!


Robin Burgeson

I almost laughed about pulling out a sketch book. I can only draw stick figures, and not well at that. Both my parents were a bit artistic, and even my sister has some abilities. One of my great uncles was a commercial artist. Go Figure! Anyhow, I know many someones appreciate your help. I'm still coloring, so I am benefiting from your info. I live in a suburb of Phoenix, so it's nice to know you were here.

True :D

Stunning Debbie!
I see you will be in my neck of the woods the 23rd of next month. Just figures that it's the weekend of my son's wedding and we'll have family in town. I sooo need to get certified and would love to learn it from the best.
Maybe you'll be close another time. :)

True :D

gaby sayer

Debbie, your paintings are so beautiful! I have a quick question: you said you printed your image with inkjet and I know for sure that smears and damages your copics.
Did you do something else to "seal" the paper so you could color with the copics?? I got into digis and I even bought a laser printer but when I started blending, the ink couldn't take it any longer and the ink got all smeared and my E50 can attest to that!
I'd appreciate if you could, please, tell me how to work with digital images (inkjet/laser jet/heat setting the image) and copics.

Thank you so much for sharing your work and for the daily inspiration :)

Miss Robin

Beautiful work! I am surprised that you were able to print your images with an inkjet printer. I tried that a couple of times and my copics caused the ink to bleed. I've read on the internet that images need to be photocopied on laser printers to avoid the bleeding.Do you have any secrets you would be willing to share?

Debbie Olson

On Ink Jet Printers, for Miss Robin and Gaby--

Ink Jet printers are something that you have to test the ink on just the same way you would test any unknown ink for Copic compatibility. I know that some people have problems with inkjet inks, but I've been lucky so far with the last two printers I have owned, both Canons--one an iP2600 and one an MG5220. The first one was about a $50 printer--really inexpensive, but worked great. The second one cost less than $100--again, so far, no smearing. (Pain in the neck to network with my AirPort Extreme though.)

Again, the trick is to test the ink the same way you would a stamping ink or an ink pen, saturating the paper near the inkjet (or laser) line so that it feathers all the way to the ink line without actually touching your marker to the line. If the feathering marker ink harms the integrity of the printer ink line, I would not color over that particular ink.

I hope that helps!


Ann Lind

Your sketches are amazing you should be selling digital images to those of us who aren't so talented. I particularly love your Hydrangeas. We used to have a beautiful bush when I was growing up but the winters are too cold where we live so I can only admire them in pictures now. TFS Ann Lind


Love this. You inspire me

gaby sayer

Thanks for sharing the inkjet info with us. I can't justify buying another printer, I already got two -a brand new laser one but the ink smears;( and an inkjet that doesn't work with copics either.

I think I'll stick to regular stamps and let the digis for the lucky ones.
Have fun in MN!

Lori Barnett

This stuff seriously makes me want to play...ALL DAY LONG! LOVE the apples!!!

Shari Arbogast

Those flowers are gorgeous! Not just the drawing, but the way you blend those colours.. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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