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Julia Stainton

Absolutely stunning Debbie! I love this artwork and what you're doing on your new blog!!!!


You have such wonderful God-given talent. Your drawing is remarkable and the finished product is gorgeous!

jennifer dove

and your AMAZING images will be available...soon? This is BEAUTIFUL!

Lori Craig



Wow! Just fabulous, Debbie. I LOVE the colors in your drawing even more than in the photograph.

Lori Barnett



THUD... you are such an inspiration! Thank you.


As always you hit a homerun out of the ballpark again....Yes I've been watching my grandson's bb games. :) Seriously though I love the new blog. And your artwork is fabulous. Thanks for the tip about using gray instead of black (ML) I'll have to give it a try. Thanks again.

Vickie Graham

Thank you for sharing your artwork! Simply gorgeous!!

Kay Demonbren

Goodness gracious! Your coloring skills never cease to amaze me; you are one extremely talented artist!!!

Holly Saveur

This is soooo AMAZING!!!
So gorgeous it looks so real..love the green
leaves..it looks so difficult to me.
The drawing is an art work and more beautiful then the photo.

Troy Louise

Fabulous picture. I love the leaves. They look so real. Thanks for the great instructions & inspiration to try drawing again after many, many years.

Marlene (cards4u)

WOW - this is ever so amazing! Love this view and your coloring as always is wonderful! Thanks for all the details : )


I am all for slow. Slow food, slow motion, slow art. It is all good. I just love this new blogging direction and the fact that you are taking us through your steps. I love the calla lilies and that coffee cup...outstanding!

Ange Kelly

Wow! These drawings are so so amazing!

Tammy W.

WOW! You are amazing! They are breathe taking!

Joan B

ok this is throwing me off the chair. anyone who can draw like this can kiss stamps goodbye. Just put them in a box, slap my name on them and send me the bill. you are a true artist and I bow before you.

Jerri Kay

I've not seen Copics illustrated so beautifully. Oh my word Debbie, I can't even be pea green with envy . . . I feel totally blessed just looking at this gorgeous piece of art. I hope you'll post the finished Rembrandt!

karen q

Truly amazing. I hope you plan on framing it when it is done. I am still trying to get the coloring right on my stamped pieces and you are drawing your own. You always, always amaze me.

Niki Estes

Debbie, this is absolutely amazing!! Gorgeous!

Bev J.

Wonderful talent-love the lilies. I also liked the coffee!!

Kathy Rosecrans

You are utterly amazing, Debbie!! Beautiful sketches..... not to mention coloring!! TFS

sharyn davis

I'm blown away Debbie....and I just found this "other" blog and am so glad! This is EXACTLY what I am searching for.
You were in Minn when I took my certification and I was thrilled to meet you then!
thanks for everything.


Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the encouragement. I like the idea of using a photo and drawing the lines. You have laid it out so clearly for us. Thank you!

Robin Barwacz

Congrats on your new blog. You are bookmarked in my favorites (As is your stamping blog). Your copic coloring is just bee-u-ta-full!! Looking forward to more creative ideas. Take care. Robin B.

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