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Oh my word lady! This is stunning. I love watching your process each time you recount it.

The one thing I'd love to sit down and learn from you is how you choose your contrasting colors ...that purple just MAKES the green pop. You're really great at this Debbie! I admire your work so much!

Louise Charlton

Wow you are truly amazaing! What a great drawing of the lilies and your colouring is exquisite!


You have kept this one quiet! What a pleasure to look at and appreciate the wonderful colouring you do. Can't wait to see what else you have in store

PS Love the blog header!!

Melissa Ladd

WOW! I didn't know you could color AND draw in this amazingly gorgeous way! This is stunning!

Lisa Hetrick

Stunning. It feels like I can out my hand out and touch it. Inspired, I am!

Jan Hunnicutt

Wow, this is beautiful!

Lisa Dolson

Oh, Debbie, this is gorgeous!! I'm inspired to start drawing again. Will you frame this lovely?

Kathy Racoosin

Holy Moly this is AMAZING!!!!!!! SO INSPIRING!!!!! Maybe it's time to put the stamps down and draw!! wowowowo
Will you be teaching at CHA. I reserved early just in case. Thanks for the constant inspiration. Fondly, Kathy Racoosin

Teresa Brada



Wow! Absolutely amazing!


This is GORGEOUS Debbie! I love this new blog you started.


You make me so excited to use my copics as an artistic medium, rather than just for crafting on my cards. I used to paint, and I haven't picked up a brush in years, due to my obsession with paper crafts taking over... but you have really inspired me to get back into other projects! I am just *so* glad you started this other blog to share these types of projects. I also really love how you described everyone's ability to draw.. I read a quote once, and it lives on the cover of one of my sketchbooks: "Art is the difference between truly seeing and simply identifying". You're right - you have to see past the "what" and look for the shapes. I can't wait to try a 'painting' with my pens!!


I am just *so* glad you decided to start this other blog. You have really inspired me to get out my copics and use them for other projects, not just my crafts. I used to paint, but haven't picked up a brush in a few years, since papercrafting has taken over! I love how you described everyone's ability to draw... I have a favourite quote that lives on one of my sketchbooks; "Art is the difference between truly seeing and simply identifying". I can't wait to get starting on 'painting' with my copics!

Kathy Mc

OMG, Debbie, this is just breathtaking, jaw-dropping and foot-stomping gorgeous art. I hated playing Pictionary because I was horrible at drawing anything. You make it look so easy ~ so inspiring for those of us not so talented. WTG!

Alice W.

thank you for directing us to this blog, Debbie! still trying to pick my jaw up from the flower. beautiful work of art!


O wow! This is amazing! You are so talented!


Wow, Debbie. You are phenomenal! Do I see a stamp set with this image in the future?

Detra Parks

Wow!!! Love this new blog. I'm one of those people that think they can't draw, but really, really want to. Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to following your blog and maybe trying to draw myself:))

Tracey Cuccia

I want to be like you when I grow up :). This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I love how you said a blue apple shaded well will still look like an apple. That is so true. You are a true artist. Your coloring never ceases to amaze me. Just gorgeous!! Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!!

Deb Schweisthal

Wow, this artwork is amazing! Thank you for sharing and I will check back often for inspiration. :)
Deb Schweisthal

Cindy H.

I am awed by your talent! This drawing/painting is fabulous!!

All my life I have tinkered around with drawing things (no training), with no great desires but just for the love of creating. I have purchased books, i.e. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain to try and teach myself and it did help. But I need the discipline to practice every day. Following your blog may do that for me, I hope :) But, even if it doesn't, I will love looking and learning from your new blog. You are such an awesome artist and teacher! Thank you for all that you share.


You're killing me with your images. I have admired your coloured stamped images for a very long time. And now this ...

I wish I could use my pens colouring half as good as you. The drawing that you do ... I'm not in your leauge. TAHNK you for showing and sharing!!

GReetings from Sweden



WOW! That is stunning and amazing! I don't think I believe you about the hand muscles thing....;)

Kelly Schirmer

Um WHOA! That is some amazing stuff right there...send that sketch to PTI stat, Debbie! I think lots of people would be in line to buy your Calla Lillies! While your encouragement for us to try drawing is fabulous, I want to take the easy route and just stamp yours onto some paper, heeee! BEAUTIFUL!

Kate Palmer

WOW - I'm now a follower and had to say LOVE LOVE LOVE your work.

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