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Jessica Canham

Well, I think it's gorgeous! I especially love the shading of the leaves in the background as well as the delicate front petal of the top flower. White petals are not easy!! I'm still hoping that you'll design your own rubber stamps someday. Perhaps some hydrangeas? :D

Farmer's Wyfe (Pumpkin Pie Painter)

Wow!!! I think it's FANTASTIC!! I LOVE the way the green leaves really pop!


Beautiful! Thank you so much for bringing inspiration :) It seems to me that the 1st flower and leaves give a "romantic" appearance. Have a great weekend!

jennifer dove

OOOOOOOH so amazingly fantasticly beautiful. Love the leaves in between the two flowers. so much character and movement. Heavy sigh......lovely!

Jenn Dove


Love this Debbie! Glad to see a peek into your sketchbook.


Those are beautiful. They are so authentic looking, the woods are full of thousands of those flowers here in the Spring. Can't believe the shading you are able to reproduce, even the shadows.

Holly Saveur

LOVe it!

Alice W.

thank you for mentioning the "shiny build-up layer." it has happened to me many times and for the life of me i couldn't figure out why. it happened to me on some dark brown colors, too. i actually like the lines in the flowers and leaves since they always help me when shading (if i can call what i do as shading). =) it's always a treat to see your art work with Copic. thank you for sharing, Debbie!


Oh goodness! This is, as everyone else has commented, STUNNING!!! I especially love the green - your shading is so beautiful. Amazing art.


I think that your triliums are beautiful. Wish I could sketch and color like you do. So talented.

Tanya C.

Amazing coloring and shading. I enjoy seeing the process, and love this blog, as well as your other one!

True :D

Stunning Debbie! I am always amazed by your shading!

True :D

Cindy H.

Wow!! Your painting is absolutely awesome!! Love, love, love it! The step-out and your thought process are so helpful. Thank you!


Oh Debbie... please teach me!!! I'm always so inspired (and in awe) by your stuff! Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous!

Marcie  Smith

Gorgeous and so life like. If only!!! I am lucky enough to tackle coloring techniques, but I wish I were able to sketch and draw like you. I am just not artistically inclined like that. I sure admire those of you who are. My son is an artist and has actually had his artwork shown in museums. He definitely did not get his talent from me. I love how detailed this is. Like the petals that are almost translucent and you can actually see a hint of the foilage beneath. Superb.

Jan Marie

Fab-U-lous Debbie. I love you taking the time to show the step by step process.
Jan Marie

Cindy Lyles

Absolutely breathtaking - thoroughly enjoyed the walk through of your steps!!!!!

Deb Zachrich

Absolutely in AWE. I need work oh leaves more. I need to work on petals more. I need to work on shading . . . shadows . . .



So stunning Debbie! I love reading all about your creative process and you do a great job of communicating that and inspiring as well!

Lisa Hetrick

Debbie, I'm inspired! I have been working on realistic botanical sketches for a bit now and have enjoyed your blog posts so much. I decided to veer away from my "go to" whimsical illustration style a bit to practice and master realistic botanical art. Getting back to old school graphite renderings, colored and watercolor pencils, alongside my copics, etc. I have been struggling with fading to white on the edges of my flower blossoms and retaining the distinctive 3D quality of the blossom shape. Shading and shadows...always a challenge for me. I love how you share your color mixing tips for leaf rendering. You are such a generous artist. :)


To echo the others...awesome, but what else could it be when you are the artist. Thanks for spending so much time sharing your knowledge and talent.


You should design your own stamps, girly! You'd make some real beauties that WE could color in. (hint, hint) ;)


So beautiful... thank you for sharing your process and your talent.

Susie Lessard

Debbie, I've looked through what I think is all of your sketches this morning. Just amazing work - truly. I'm so captivated by how you put it all together. Do you think you could just come on over to my house for the weekend, and give me some one-on-one lessons?? *laughing* Nah, didn't think so. This just inspires me to do what my heart has always loved to do. Draw and color! You're never to old to start again, right?

Secondly, I love all the wonderful ideas and creations you've done for Papertrey, Ink. I shall keep coming back for some on-line study. I have to ink my first digital image today using only grey scale. I'm so nervous. I'm going to practice more than once before I attempt to lay down color on the original. I would love to see you show us something that only uses sketch greys.

I have my beginning certification and would like to take the Intermediate, but ... not until I have a little more practice and understanding under my belt. : )

Susie ~

cindy burgess

Debbie, this is just beautiful! you never cease to amaze me! Your work is amazing! Love this site!

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