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Shelly Schmidt

Thanks for sharing your CHA adventures- and looks like you were well inspired- this is beautiful!!!

Susan H

Beautiful Debbie!



jennifer dove

SIGH!.........i'm just eating it up! always beautiful and an inspiration!

Debbie Fisher

I took pics of these too! Did you stay at the Marriott? I was room 533. I stopped by the Copic booth when i had a short break, but didn't see you. I spent most of my days in the tombow booth teaching make n takes


Thanks. Always love your sketches with all the fine points of copic coloring.

Deb Zachrich

Beautiful! When I saw this pic on your other blog--I just KNEW you were going to sketch it!

Cindy H.

Gosh, it all looks perfect to me! Love it, Debbie:)


I had no idea what an incredible artist you are! I mean, I know you are talented, but your sketches are fantastic! Just wonderful Debbie!

MarieMarieM Gamber

This is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Do you have to erase the pencil to protect your nibs?


As a California florist, I can honestly say you've captured the Bird of Paradise perfectly. There are other colors, but they are rare, and the rarest is 10 times larger and shades of blue and cream. I only saw that one once, at the San Francisco Flower Market. Bought it for $15 and it croaked the next day. But it was worth it, just to see something that awesome that probably grows in abundance in some faraway jungle.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful art.



PGod gave you great talent and you've worked hard to develop it. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Those Bird of Paradise flowers grew outside our home when I lived in Long Beach, California. What a delight to see it here, Debbie! You are an incredible artist!

Debbie Olson

You were blessed to live near these beautifies, Jocelyne! I am amazed every time I visit SoCal to see them growing--well, like like leeks and wild raspberries do in our Northwoods! ;-)

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